How MoCA Can Improve Your Home Wi-Fi

September 2, 2020

MoCA technology is a coaxial wiring standard for creating a reliable wired network using your existing coax TV wiring.  MoCA technology transforms your existing coax wiring into a fast and reliable internet backbone throughout your entire home, giving you the fast speeds and powerful WiFi coverage you need to reach every room in your home.

MoCA technology combined with a MoCA router or MoCA adapters increase your network speeds which increases its performance. This way, you can enjoy full-coverage Wi-Fi throughout your home without the risk of dead spots.

MoCA is a secure technology and MoCA adapters are secure devices to use because they are a wired solution. And wired solutions provide a stable connection without interference unlike other solutions.

You can set up MoCA adapters in your home in a few ways:

  1. Pairing two or more MoCA adapters
  2. Pairing a MoCA adapter with your MoCA-enabled router

Whichever setup you go with, you need to connect the adapters via coax jacks in your home. From there, connect one to your router (unless your router has MoCA built-in) and one to your device with an Ethernet cable.

With MoCA devices, you get better Wi-Fi, which results in:

Better Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. MoCA gives your Wi-Fi a boost. This way, you don’t have to deal with dead spots in your home anymore. No more signal drops and slow speeds that cause frustrating interruptions.

Faster speeds. MoCA biggest feature is the ability to create a faster Internet connection. These speeds are what boost your Wi-Fi network.

Video streaming without interruptions. MoCA allows you to stream HD video through any Wi-Fi device without interruption like poor resolution.

Lag-free online gaming. MoCA turns your Wi-Fi into high-speed Wi-Fi to get rid of lag. Lag is a gamer nightmare. MoCA keeps your network’s latency low and your game play in real time.

Stress-free working from home or remote. Well, depending on your environment, you still might feel stress working from home. But with MoCA, your Internet won’t be adding to that stress. MoCA makes working from home a better experience, especially if your role requires video conference meetings. You get solid, reliable connection to do your job even if the rest of the household is also connected to the Internet.

Wireless will always be more convenient and freeing than wired solutions, but you’ll be happier with a wired setup when you’re gaming, streaming, or taking work video calls without interruptions. By simply using MoCA adapters in your home, like the HT-EM2 MoCA adapters, you make your Wi-Fi faster and more reliable.

Want to learn more about what MoCA can do? Check out Hitron’s Learn page for more resources.