Why is My Internet So Bad for Gaming?

Are you experiencing lag while online gaming? Your Internet probably isn’t good enough to support it. Lag is the result of bad internet for gaming and is a gamer’s nightmare. Here’s what you can do about it.


The Reason Your Online Gaming is Suffering

Often times, the reason why your internet is so bad for gaming is because of either inferences or poor connection overall. While wireless internet is convenient and everywhere around us, Wi-Fi is not the best for gaming. Since Wi-Fi is prone to interference and doesn’t offer reliable connection or speed, everything connected to it will suffer.

When your Wi-Fi signal is weak or doesn’t reach every corner of your home, you can experience poor connection or dead spots. This limits where you can game in your home without interruptions. That’s why you need something that helps boost your Wi-Fi to give you full coverage, reliable Internet in your home.

If you are relying on wireless internet or Wi-Fi for gaming, think about a wired solution instead. MoCA is a great way to support your Wi-Fi network for gaming.


MoCA Makes Your Internet Better for Gaming

MoCA isn’t better than Wi-Fi. Instead, it makes your Wi-Fi better. With MoCA supporting your Wi-Fi, you can enjoy wireless Internet and a reliable wired Internet connection in your home at the same time.

For MoCA use, consider this: if the device never moves, like your gaming console or PC, wire it up. If the device is portable and moves often, like your laptop, tablet or smartphone, connect to Wi-Fi.

You can achieve this wired set up with MoCA adapters supporting your existing Wi-Fi home network. All you have to do is:

  • Invest in MoCA adapters like the HT-EM2 MoCA adapters
  • Connect one adapter to your router
  • Connect the other adapter to your gaming device

That’s it. With MoCA, you can enjoy lag-free online gaming. MoCA turns your Wi-Fi into high-speed Wi-Fi to get rid of lag and keeps your network’s latency low so your game play is always in real time.

Sure, wireless will always be more convenient, but with MoCA you don’t have to totally give up that freedom. You’re already stationary playing games anyways and you will be happier with a wired setup when you are gaming without interruptions.

By simply using MoCA adapters in your home, you make your Wi-Fi faster and more reliable. Want to learn more about what MoCA can do? Check out Hitron’s Learn page for more resources.

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