Does MoCA Interfere with Cable Modem?

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Setting up a coax (MoCA) network in your home is a great way to get better Internet coverage and fast speeds.

MoCA (Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance) is a technology that works with existing coaxial cable wiring in your home to make your current wireless internet better. Even though MoCA uses the cable wiring in your home, MoCA signals will not interfere with your existing cable modem. Likewise, your cable modem will not interfere with the MoCA device signals either.

Here’s how MoCA technology works:

How MoCA Technology Works

MoCA technology allows the ability to use a coaxial cord to feed an internet signal. Coaxial cord or wires already exist in most homes. This is where you would connect to set up cable for your TV. Using coaxial wiring replaces the need for Ethernet cord installation in your home. This can get costly, time consuming and create a wired mess overall. MoCA is designed to provide a strong internet connection within your home environment without drilling holes or running cables everywhere.

Most households will use MoCA adapters to support their existing network. However, some people may have a modem or router with MoCA built in, which makes it even easier to setup.


Does Your Modem Support MoCA?

If you are asking yourself, does my modem support MoCA? know that most routers and modem/routers do not have MoCA built in. But as newer models hit the market, it may become more common. You can ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for more details if you are unsure.

If your router or modem/router does not have MoCA technology built in, you will need a MoCA adapter. With MoCA adapters, you can connect your router to an HDTV or to other devices that have a MoCA adapter connection.


How to Set Up MoCA in Your Home

Set up is simple.

Setting up MoCA without a MoCA-router or modem:

  • Get two (or more) MoCA adapters.
  • Take one MoCA adapter and Ethernet cable and connect the adapter and your router/modem to one another. Then, take a coax cable and connect the adapter to the coax jack. (This is the first half of the full setup.)
  • Next, do a similar process with the second adapter and the device you want to use.
  • Connect the second adapter to a different coax jack with a coaxial cable and then to your device with an Ethernet cord.

Setting up MoCA with a MoCA-router or modem:

  • Get one (or more) MoCA adapters. One should be okay depending on how large your home is. A MoCA-enable router can replace the need for the second adapter.
  • Connect your router/modem directly to the coax jack with a coax cable.
  • Connect the MoCA adapter to a different coax jack with a coaxial cable and then to your device with an Ethernet cord.

Using MoCA adapters in your home, like the HT-EM4 MoCA adapters, makes your Wi-Fi faster and more reliable. Want to learn more about what MoCA can do? Check out Hitron’s Learn page for more resources.

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