4x4 802.11ac WiFi Extender with MoCA


Give your customers an always-reliable, super-fast WiFi connection with the HT-EMN3. Using a 4x4 802.11ac radio in 5GHz mode, you can configure the extender as an access point or extend the WiFi range and speed using Ethernet or MoCA 2.0 as a faster and more reliable "backhaul" to the router.
Only sold through Service Providers

Three Devices in One

Hitron’s HT-EMN3 offers the ability to extend a wireless network through three possible methods: Ethernet, MoCA or WiFi. Simply connect the HT-EMN3 to a coax or Ethernet outlet and it will automatically establish the link and synchronize all WiFi parameters with your Hitron gateway through the AutoSync feature.


High-Performance Networking with 4×4 802.11ac

The HT-EMN3 integrates Wi-Fi 4T4R 802.11ac 5GHz + 2T2R 802.11n 2.4GHz dual band concurrent MU-MIMO Access Point, MoCA 2.0 Channel Bonding and Two Giga Ethernet ports.  The HT-EMN3 enables high-bandwidth traffic to be seamlessly distributed across the end-user’s home or office.


Two Coax Ports

The HT-EMN3 comes with two F-type connectors. Simply connect HT-EMN3 to coaxial outlet, it should establish MoCA link automatically with the network. The device is now ready to use.


Easy & Secure

The HT-EMN3 supports pre-configured and pre-enabled Wi-Fi security via WiFi Protected Setup (WPS), allowing the end-user to rapidly set up a secure wireless network without manual configuration.

Key Specifications

  • 4×4 5 GHz 802.11ac Wave 2 and 2×2 2.4 GHz 802.11n dual band MU-MIMO internal antennas
    • 8 SSIDs per radio
    • Individual configuration for each SSID (security, bridging, routing, firewall and Wi-Fi parameters)
  • MoCA 2.0 Channel bonding for highest performance
  • 2 GigE ports
  • Upgradable software over web-based GUI
  • Hardware DES and AES Encryption to keep your data safe from unauthorized access
  • MyHitron app is offered for further support (available for Android and iOS devices)
  • TR-069 for easy setup and remote management


Extend your customer's WiFi with Hitron's HT-EMN3 WiFi Extender with MoCA 2.0